Gone are the days

Gone are the days when…

  • I found street food suspicious.
  • I dreaded squatter toilets.
  • cockroaches spooked me.
  • big spiders in my room surprised me.
  • ants in my room bothered me.
  • washing my hair daily was a necessity.
  • I thought days on buses, trains and planes were exciting and not exhausting.
  • the majority of travelers relied on internet cafes.
  • internet was too slow that I had to email new blog posts to my dad for him to post.
  • wifi was a luxury.
  • T.V. in my guesthouse room was shocking.
  • I stayed in hostel dormitories.
  • I shared rooms with newly befriended travelers.
  • I had to backup my pictures on CDs at internet cafes.
  • fellow backpackers understood that service and food would be different than it was at home.
  • people found their exotic surroundings more interesting than their iPods.
  • a select few had electronic reading devices.
  • it was easy to find somebody to trade a book with.
  • I didn’t have a truly awesome travel buddy by my side every step of the way.


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