Tibet Revisited

Dave and I recently went to Richard Gere’s photo exhibit entitled Pilgrim which showcased pictures from his time in Tibet. Walking through the gallery made me want to dash back home and flip through my pictures from Tibet. I didn’t take nearly as many photos in Tibet as the other people I was traveling with did because I have problems snapping pictures. I feel like it takes away from the moment, so I’m always looking to strike a balance between taking enough to remember things, but not too many that I become removed from what’s happening. I love the pictures I did manage to get while in Tibet though.

I wish I hadn’t had to join a tour group to travel through Tibet. Everything is so tightly controlled there. I didn’t walk away with a strong feel for the country other than sadness for what has happened. My guide was Tibetan and I learned a lot from him, but he was also a bit of a creeper, so I tried to keep as much distance as I could. We weren’t allowed to wander freely around, so I wasn’t able to have those magical encounters you usually have while exploring. The encounters we did have were with frowning Chinese soldiers at various checkpoints or in front of the Potala Palace. I wish I could have visited Tibet before there were so many restrictions placed on it. It was a breathtaking place to travel and I can only imagine how much more magical it must have been many years ago.

Seeing Richard Gere’s exhibit made me want to post some more of my pictures from Tibet. Some of these I’ve already posted previously, others I haven’t. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Read more