Panama Canal Sept. 29, 1913

IMG_2975I inherited a large cedar chest filled with old photographs, letters, and postcards from my Grandmother last winter. As we went through her belongings it occurred to me that we needed to digitize the items in the chest for all of us to be able to look at since we are spread out across a few different states. As I started flipping through the old photographs and letters, it became clear that they were too neat to keep to ourselves, so I’m sharing my finds here. I’m not very familiar with the subjects, but as I go through everything I hope to learn more about this part of my family tree along with an idea of what life used to be like in the early 1900s.

For instance, take this postcard. It’s a picture of my great grandfather, Sam, who worked on the building of the Panama Canal. I had heard that one of my relatives had had a hand in the building of the canal and that the money he earned helped the family to get through the Great Depression better than most folks. Now I’ve found the photographic evidence and I was surprised that he had been able to turn a photograph of himself into a postcard wayyy back in 1913. I had thought that this was a relatively new concept that came with our smart phones and apps. Apparently people were doing this over a hundred years ago as well! Read more