Moving Day

Since I’ve lived in some kind of house for most of my life, I never really thought about how people in apartments moveĀ in or out. I can imagine that it’s challenging to fit a couch in an elevator or move it up ten flights of stairs. In Seoul, they have figured out an ingenious solution to this problem; just take out the windows.

As shown below, you can avoid the hassle of moving all of your belongings out of a huge apartment building by ordering a truck service. They will take out your window and send a large ladder to your room. They put everything on the platform attached to the ladder and it swiftly moves to the ground where it is then loaded into a truck. Somebody was moving out in the building across from my classroom, distracting my kindergarten students and leading to a discussion about moving. Most of them have already moved multiple times in their few years and know the moving process well.

There was a big red truck parked out front for a few hours removing things from the apartment and then after it left a big white truck came and moved the new folks in. Everybody was moved out and in within about six hours. Incredible.