Life as a Korean Kid

A shot from my elementary school days which were quite different from what a Korean elementary school child experiences today. That's me front and center!

Every Friday I walk into my classroom happy that it is almost the weekend and am always sad to find out that my students dread it. It almost seems like some of them would rather have it be Monday than Friday. A few of them have told me that Sunday is their least favorite day because they have to work so hard. Isn’t Sunday traditionally a day of rest? Read more

Awesome Kid Quotes from February

My new classroom.

One of the highlights of teaching English to kids is the awesomely funny stuff that comes out of their mouths or is found in their homework. When we are checking homework in the teachers’ room, we usually share the gems we find out-loud and I’ve taken to writing them down. The following quotes are from some of my students and a few come from some other teachers’ students. Read more