Singing for Our Supper

I thought I would share a few pictures of my Mom and I together in Thailand before we leave for Nepal in a couple days.

Last night we cooked a big Thai birthday feast at my friend’s house for one of the family members. During the preparations for dinner, they had a masseuse come over and give us massages, which was really great for my Mom because her back was sore from the plane ride. It was her first massage ever and she loved it.

After dinner we sang karaoke together. It was really entertaining for everyone because it’s not everyday that they have two tone deaf foreigners attempting to sing English songs at their house. I’ve been trying to find a way to repay the family we are staying with for all of the hospitality that they’ve shown me over the past three months, and I think I finally found the perfect way. Even though our singing voices are terrible, I think it was a big treat to hear their favorite foreign songs sung by native speakers.

Here are some pictures from the very first part of our adventures together!