Skating in Seoul

Haechi (Seoul's mascot) and me

Back in the day, when I was ice dancing six to seven days a week in Los Angeles, I was incredibly jealous of the people who lived in cold climates. I thought they would have tons of opportunities to skate outside on lakes and outdoor rinks. To this day, I get extremely giddy about the concept of skating outdoors. It seems so much more enchanting than skating in a building.

One of our Canadian co-workers had been telling us about an outdoor rink we could all go skating at in Seoul, and last Thursday we went to check it out with him. I was excited to go skating in Seoul, but a little nervous about being too cold and the crowds. I am a spoiled skater and chose to avoid skating in crowded sessions when I practiced. Seoul is a very crowded city, so I expected the ice rink to be miserably and possibly dangerously packed. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t. We went after work and made it for the 7-8pm session. Skate rental and the skating ticket cost 1,000 won (about a buck). I brought my own skates, and Dave and our friend got rental skates. For those of you looking to rent figure skates, be¬†forewarned¬†plastic hockey skates are the only kind of skates available to rent.

To get to this rink, take the subway to City Hall and leave out of exit 5 if possible. Exit 5 was closed for construction when we went, so we had to walk out of exit 4 and turn around and walk in the direction of exit 5. You can’t miss it. Don’t go on weekends if you want to avoid the crowds.