Funny Picture Booths

Dave and I were walking around Insadong a couple weeks ago and stopped into a place where you can take silly pictures. We had never done it before, but it had been on my must do list for a while. For 6,000 won (about $5) you can put on some wigs, traditional korean dresses, or hats and take eight pictures in a green booth.

We were clueless as to how it all worked so the woman working there helped us quite a bit. First she handed me a headband with a big sparkly red bow on it and gave Dave huge orange glasses. She then explained that we had to choose the backdrops we wanted to take pictures with quickly because we were on a timer. After we selected eight backdrops, we took our pictures.

At the end, they make you quickly decide which four pictures you like best, which we weren’t completely aware of until we had fifteen seconds left on the clock and started choosing our pictures in a panic. Once we chose four pictures, we went out of the booth to the touch-screen computer kiosks and each added images, drawings, and frames to our pictures. We then got to decide what size pictures we wanted and the machine printed it out on sticker paper. Here’s what we ended up with:

Love Star
This is the final picture we chose in our mad rush to pick the four pictures we wanted to print. We wished we had chosen the winter themed one we had taken, but alas it was too late.
When we saw that you could take a picture with a rainbow poo background we had to do it. I mean how often are you presented that opportunity?

I’m officially obsessed. I want to do this a million times before I leave Korea! I dragged Dave into a different funny picture booth in Hongdae, but the choice of backgrounds and print quality wasn’t as good as the place in Insadong.

This is one of the pictures we took in Hongdae. Notice the poo Dave placed on one of the teddy bears. We are very mature and can't get over the poo obsession in Korea.
Can you spot the poo?
Dave and me on a rainbow. I think the white mustache really suits dave.

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