Fun Facts 1 and 2:


The Thai translation of foreigner is farang, which also happens to be the same name for a guava. If you hear farang and you don’t see any guavas, then they are most definitely talking about you. I am referred to using this word so often that my new name has not just become Dee Dee, but also farang.

Thai is not the only language spoken here in Khon Kaen. Because we are so close to Laos, the majority of the population here can also speak a language called Isan, which is very close to the Lao language. In Isan, the word for guava is baksida and does not mean foreigner. If someone calls a foreigner baksida it is considered degrading because instead of calling them a farang they are purposely calling them a guava.

Don’t worry, I have not yet been called a guava in an offensive way.


Just like American dogs, Thai dogs are suffering from the stupidity of the dog clothes epidemic.

Poor Dog