These are my blog posts related to my time living in and traveling around Korea. Enjoy!


Making Dalk Galbi in the USA

Dining on Dak Galbi – Stateside

The Furthest I’ve Traveled for a Single Meal: Dak Galbi in Chuncheon

The Infamous Mushroom Soup Restaurant

Making Hoddeok (Stuffed Pancakes)

Charlie Brown Cafe

Dak Galbi (aka My Favorite Korean Dish)

Hello Kitty Cafe

Thanksgivings Far Away From Home

Dinner That Fights Back


Screen Golf: A Virtual Golf Experience

The Seoul International Fireworks Festival 2011

Visit to a Seaside Temple: Haedong Yonggungsa in Busan

Green Tea Getaway: Boseong

A Five Day Escape From Seoul: Busan and Boseong

A Birthday Adventure in Sokcho

My Musts in Insadong

Gyeongbokgung Palace, Seoul

A Walk in the Park: Seonyudo and Boramae Park

Trick Eye Museum (Trompe-l’oeil) in Hongdae

Five Ten Climbing Festival in Chuncheon

Lotus Lantern Festival

Spring Has Sprung: Cherry Blossom Viewing in Seoul

Top 5 Things to do on a Frigid Day in Seoul

Skating in Seoul

Rock Climbing in Seoul: Climb On

Funny Picture Booths

My Dojang (Korean Seal)


10 Things I Miss About Korea

It’s Raining Inside: Korean Apartment Problems

Frozen and Frizzy in Korea

The Gangseo-gu Neighborhood Pesticide Motorcycle (or truck)

My Failed Attempt at Urban Gardening in Seoul

How to Make Rice Glue and Paper Lotus Lanterns


Dongchimee: The Poopman

Couples in Korea

A Rather Honest Valentine

Leave it at the Trash Pole

Moving Day


Say What???

How to Get a Job Teaching English in South Korea

Life as a Korean Kid

Top 7 Hilarious Kid Quotes from March

Awesome Kid Quotes from February

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