The Royal Pavilion

Dave and I spent six hours walking around the Royal Flora Expo in Chiang Mai. In the evening, while Dave was getting artsy with his DSLR, I played around with the burst mode on my camera. What I ended up with was a really neat collage and a very short time lapse.  Please click on the picture to experience the full-size image.


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Picture of the Week: A Ridiculous Receipt

Last weekend Dave and I wandered into a cat themed cafe and this is the paper they took our orders on. While we were waiting for our drinks and delicious waffle to arrive, I realized that the larger cat was vomiting out our order and farting out our total. Appropriate for a food establishment? I think not. Hilarious? But of course.

Picture of the Week: Something Beautiful

This week I decided to post a little something different for the Picture of the Week. Instead of a silly English picture, I am posting one of David Domalgalski’s pictures. I chose this one of the cherry blossoms in Yeouido to post because I am still thinking about how stunning the cherry blossoms were this year, weeks after they have already disappeared. There was something magical about walking under that canopy of tiny white flowers. It was the perfect way to enter spring and I’m thrilled that we got to experience it.

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Picture of the Week: Nymph of Love

This was one of the many different beverages served recently at a work party. I thought it was a pretty ridiculous thing to write on a can of iced tea. Who knew black tea was so magical?!

I tried the contents of the can and I don’t think it was actually black tea at all. It was a light raspberry flavored tea.

Picture of the Week: Cherry Blossoms

The toilets were not actually zero meters away. They were across the street. This sign designates that beautiful cherry blossom tree as a public toilet. Oopsies!

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Picture of the Week: Let’s Get Naked

Let's Get Naked

While teaching cooking class* this week, one of the teachers looked down and noticed that the place-mats were a little inappropriate and hilarious. I had to take a picture, of course. I’m not sure how “Let’s get naked for this party” ended up on place-mats for kids. What were they attempting to say? Or were they really made for adults?

*Cooking class isn’t as exciting as it sounds. We usually make some kind of sandwich. There is no real cooking involved ever and I haven’t wanted to eat our finished products yet. Also, we only get to do it once a month.