Shibori Experiments

shibori canvasI can’t get enough of the shibori projects I see all over Pinterest (my Shibori board) and Instagram. This last weekend, I finally tried my hand at it and wow is it more difficult than it looks. I do love the results though.

Because I want to make handbags, most of the items I dipped in indigo were canvas. I only recommend doing shibori on canvas if you pre-cut your pieces to smaller sizes. The inner folds of my canvas didn’t see any dye at all because I tried dunking pieces that were far too big. Even the thinner fabric was difficult to penetrate with the dye.

I bought my shibori kit through Etsy. The directions were straight forward and easy enough to follow, it is just a lot of work. They recommend preparing your vat 24 hours in advance and it takes a couple hours to complete the mixing process. The dying process requires spending most of the day dunking and rinsing your fabrics. After repeatedly dipping and rinsing the fabric, you then have to rinse your pieces until they run clear, set them in a citric acid bath for an hour, rinse and lastly wash with soap and water. It is a time commitment for sure. Here’s what I ended up with!


3 different shibori patterns on canvas

shibori bench

shibori bag

shibori canvas



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