Journey to Our New Home: LA to Squaw Valley

We left Pacific Palisades early on Monday morning for PCH (Pacific Coast Highway). It’s been a dream of Dave’s to drive PCH up the coast and now we’ve done it! We want to go down it one day so we can stop at more of the pull-offs. Here are some of my favorite shots from our drive. I took all of these with Instagram on my iPhone. Follow me on Instagram @ wakeupanddance.

Our first cow sighting on PCH.

We had to stop at the Madonna Inn for a coffee/bathroom break. My mom and I always used to stop here on our way down the coast. As a kid I was obsessed with the pink sugar they had on every table. The whole place is delightfully tacky and gaudy.


…and more cows.

I haven’t worn out the long and winding road shots yet, have I?

Always listen to Smokey.

We had to pull over for the state flower. So beautiful.

Had a little traffic jam through this construction site. PCH is definitely the slower route to get to Northern California, but so much more interesting!

Crossing the Richmond Bridge in San Rafael.

On our way to Grandma’s house in Sonoma. I hadn’t seen her in two years! Our visit was short, but sweet. We left on Tuesday morning for Squaw Valley.

A longer trip to Sonoma is a must. We didn’t get to do much wine tasting on this visit.

This is the view at our new residence in Squaw Valley, California. Life is good.

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