Road Trip! L.A. to Colorado in Photos

Leaving Los Angeles in our new car!!

Well everybody, we have hit the road again. We’ve spent the past month adjusting to life back here in the good ol’ U.S. of A. with my parents in Los Angeles, and now we’re in Colorado. We drove our brand new Hyundai Elantra Touring (very awesome Korean car!) from my hometown of Pacific Palisades, CA to Dave’s hometown of Silverthrone, CO. Here are some pictures from our two day drive.

We passed this right after arriving in Nevada on our way to Las Vegas, where we met up with our friend Sophie (Creator and Queen of The Dog Empire). We feasted on delicious Pho at a Vietnamese restaurant.
The brief view in Arizona.
Driving on I 15 in Arizona.
We spent Monday night in Cedar City, Utah with a Couch Surfer and got back on the road early enough to see the sunrise from the highway.
Road signs off the highway in Utah.
Cruising on the open road in Utah.
Pulling out of a gas station in the middle of nowhere Utah.
We loved getting off the highway to get gas because we were able to see some picture perfect places, like this house.
We passed Ray's on our way back to the highway after a pit stop. After being in Asia so long, I have been really enthused to see very American looking places.
This abandoned cafe was found down the street from Ray's in Green River, Utah.
This was also on the same road as Ray's. It was like every place on the block was just begging to be photographed.
Scenic Colorado. Good music, great views and excellent company.
We pulled off in Palisade, Colorado to stretch our legs. On our way into town we drove over this railway and I couldn't help but snap a pic.
We felt pretty patriotic while driving to Colorado. Every American flag or USA reference we saw was a reminder that we were home. I love living in Asia, but boy is it nice to be stateside.
Isn't Colorado stunning?
As we edged closer and closer to the mountains I became more and more giddy. I love Colorado!
When we arrived home at Dave's mom's house, it was snowing! We lit a fire and feasted on some Polish deliciousness.


We will be in Colorado for about three weeks before we head back to L.A., where we will stay for a few days and then drive up the Pacific Coast Highway eventually landing in Squaw Valley, California. This means there will be many more road trip pictures to come.

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