Pictures from the Gorgeous Colorado Mountains

The view from Dave's Mom's house in Summit County, Colorado.

Dave and I have been in Colorado for two weeks now and at every turn we’re reminded why we love this state so much. It’s picture perfect, friendly, and filled with people living incredibly healthy lifestyles. That last part is on the annoying end, only because it makes us realize how out of shape we really are. It’s a great place to eat local, organic and gourmet food though, which is right up my alley!

A necessity in the cold mountains of Colorado.
Some Polish beer on Easter. Dave is from Poland and his Mom's house is fully stocked with all sorts of Polish goodies.

A common sight in Colorado. Every other car is a Subaru Outback with some sort of sporting equipment on top. Our car is going to look like this soon too. I think it might be required if you're holding a Colorado license.

The snowy view from Dave's driveway.
The same view without snow. The weather in Colorado changes on a dime. Yesterday we had snow, rain, hail and sun all in the span of a few hours.


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