Trick of the Eye

I first discovered the Trick Eye Museum (aka Trompe-l’oeil) online a few months ago. Dave and I have been wanting to go, but it didn’t seem to be a great place for only two people to visit because it is an interactive optical illusion museum. What that means is that you get to pose with the paintings and become part of the art yourself. I imagine it’s quite popular here since everyone seems to have a fancy camera and vanity isn’t exactly frowned upon as much as it is at home.

Dave and I waited until we could round up a few other people to visit the museum to make the experience a little more fun. If it had been just the two of us we wouldn’t have been able to pose in pictures together and it would have been us just alternating who posed and who took the pictures. We finally went this past weekend and it was certainly worth the wait.

Here’s a sample of what the museum has to offer.

Museum Info

The hours are 10am-10pm and the admission fee is 10,000 Won. You can get there by taking subway line 2 to Hongik University Station Exit 9. Walk straight and cross the first major intersection. Then make an immediate left and then a right after the Taco Bell (before Tony Moly). The museum will be on your right hand side shortly after. It’s in a basement. In case my directions aren’t clear enough, here’s a map off the back of the brochure they gave us at the museum.

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  1. THX for the info! Ive heard that there are assistants for only taking pictures.
    I might go with my boyfriend alone, hope they can help us.

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