Top 7 Hilarious Kid Quotes from March

Teaching kids makes you think about all of the teachers you’ve had in your life. What did they go home and tell their significant other at the end of the day? What did we do that disgusted them? What did we do that cracked them up? What did we say without knowing what it really meant?

It’s not easy being a teacher, but the hilarity of it makes it worth all of the headaches. Here are some gems that were either found in written assignments or said aloud in class. Not all are from my students. We like to share the awesomeness with each other to brighten our days.

Disclaimer: I know it isn’t easy learning a second language and I applaud all of my students for trying their best. I laugh at these from a good place not a mean one. I know that I sure as hell have made people laugh quite a bit while traveling and attempting to speak foreign languages. I wonder what incredible things my Spanish teachers from middle school heard me say. I’ve been laughed at around the world for my silly attempts to communicate, as well as my ridiculous pantomimes that go with it. I don’t take any of this too seriously and I hope you don’t either 🙂

1. I want buy Toy Legos But My dad is No, because to save money, so I sad. proyed God for help me. (Again, it’s not easy being a kid.)

2. my teacher is Ms. Danille She is very nice. and she hair is curly. (Sucking up, but I’ll take it!)

3. This one was said in another teacher’s class:

Teacher: When did they find out Wally was missing?

Student: In the bitch. (He was trying to say beach, but for the life of him just couldn’t do and it kept coming out as bitch. Made for a highly entertaining class, to say the least.)

4. I want to by big mother birthday.

5. I like make a movie an instrument tried I go coffee museum (While correcting this journal I was stumped as to what to say or how to correct this statement.)

6. I attack my shoes (I don’t know, but I try) (Maybe they were an awful pair of high heels?)

7. He wants to be an astronaut because he his make to kimchee (Only in Korea does it seem logical to link astronauts and kimchi in a sentence. I’m curious where he was going with this one.)

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