Awesome Kid Quotes from February

My new classroom.

One of the highlights of teaching English to kids is the awesomely funny stuff that comes out of their mouths or is found in their homework. When we are checking homework in the teachers’ room, we usually share the gems we find out-loud and I’ve taken to writing them down. The following quotes are from some of my students and a few come from some other teachers’ students.

“He has been a shelf for 10 years.”

“What does she eat? She eat toaster.”

“What is dangerous? It is dangerous when I eating the knives.”

“And I can get many money, so I can buy what ever I want but My mom said “you can not buy things you have to deposit” like that. So I can’t do anything with my money.” (It’s hard being a kid.)

“Me too my friend. But now I fall down. Thank you I said.”

“Mr. David nipped Ms. Danielle’s bum.” (They love to make sentences about the teachers.)

“The firefighter defend the mountain from the mountain.”

“Can you see that airplane? No it’s behind my ass.”

“We sang the happy birthday song and eat it.”

“Can you drive a spaceshit?”

I hope I can do this again next month. Wednesday is the start of the new school year (they don’t get three months off between school years like we do), so I will be getting all new students. My kindergarten class is graduating today and I will get to teach four, innocent, little five-year-olds who have never been to school before and don’t know how to lie yet. My class name is K-Daisy, which I thought was pretty fitting, and I decorated my new classroom last night. Since my new kindergarten students won’t be making sentences for a while, hopefully the elementary school students will have some wonderful quotes for me to post next month.

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