Goodbye Beijing, Hello Lhasa

I’ve spent the past week in Beijing, and tonight I leave for Tibet.

I’m taking the train to Lhasa which, I have been dreaming about for the past five months. It’s the highest train in the world, reaching an elevation of 16,640 feet (5,072 meters). It takes 48 hours if you start in Beijing. Because it reaches such high elevations, oxygen is pumped into the train cars and each seat has its own oxygen supply. Check it out at

In Tibet I’ll go to Everest Base Camp along with many other wonderful places over a 10-day period.

Unfortunately, I’m starting this leg of the journey with a bit of a head cold, but hopefully by the time I get off the train on June 1st I’ll be better and ready to explore Tibet!

That’s all for now!

P.S. I’ve learned so far that my Thai nickname DeeDee means good good in Thai, older sister in Nepali and younger brother in Chinese!

P.P.S. Simon, Catherine and Daphne: Many thanks for your wonderful hospitality!

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