Happy Holidays!

Tomorrow I’m heading down south for a ten day vacation! I’ll be meeting up with Bobby (fellow SASer and CU alum) and Will (also friend from CU) in Phuket and then heading possibly to Ao Phang Nga or some other island/beachy area. On the 30th I will be going to the other side of Thailand to see Petra (another SAS friend!) on Ko Samui. I’ve decided to take the bus since it is the cheapest form of transportation, unfortunately it’s going to be about 20 hours total each way, yuck!…but it’s only 60 bucks as opposed to the $400 round trip plane ticket. I cannot wait to see some familiar faces!

I hope the holidays are treating you well! Eat some gingerbread for me please!

Happy Hanukkah! Merry Christmas! and Happy New Year!



Making it Snow in Thailand
Making it snow in Thailand

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  1. Is the kid in the pic having fun? It looks like you’re having all of it. have a wonderful your vacation. Pictures and videos, please 🙂

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