Our Colorado Beetle Kill Coffee Table

We were at Home Depot one weekend over a year ago and I saw a big stack of 1×1 beetle kill sticks from the side. I thought it looked really neat, almost like tie-dyed wood, and had the bright idea that we were going to make a coffee table out of them. Dave probably should have shot down this idea based on how much work it would entail. Luckily, he’s one patient husband and we ended up with an awesome coffee table about a year later.

Beetle Kill Coffee Table

We bought a few sticks, some nicely finished beetle kill for the frame and a piece of plywood. We started slicing the sticks using a saw we borrowed from Dave’s stepdad. Unfortunately, the saw had to go back before we could finish the enormous task of slicing a gazillion quarter inch tiles out of the sticks. Soooo the project was paused for about a year until we finally gave in and bought our own saw. Then Dave resumed the slicing!

Once we had enough wood tiles, I glued them onto the plywood with wood glue. Dave added a nice frame to the side. I painted a few coats of clear finish on top and we attached some blue hairpin legs to finish it off.

Voilà, the coffee table that took a year to build is finally complete!

Beetle Kill Coffee Table


Experiments in Watercolors

I got an itch to learn how to watercolor a couple years ago and have been dabbling here and there since then. I started by trying to recreate some patterns I found via Pinterest (mostly flowery ones by Rifle Paper Co.), but I soon needed to find my own watercolor voice. This year I began a series of watercolors based off of photos from my travels. In the process of creating these watercolors, I discovered that I’ve been lying to myself for quite some time. I always said I couldn’t draw, but it turns out I can! I think I’m getting better with every new page in my watercolor Moleskine sketchbook.

Here are a few of my favorite watercolors so far:

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USS Pennsylvania

USS Pennsylvania Postcard | wakeupanddance.com

USS Pennsylvania Postcard Writing| wakeupanddance.com

Am home now. Very warm here. Left Oakland last Wednesday. – ?

I’m not sure who signed this card. Might be a Violet that I’ve seen sign other postcards. Something about this one seems special. It has a metallic sheen to it and the scanned image doesn’t do it justice. I’m not sure if the USS Pennsylvania holds any significance, but perhaps we’ll find out later in other correspondence. I did manage to find some interesting facts about the ship though. This was the first ship to have an airplane land on it and was renamed Pittsburgh so that a battle ship in the Atlantic fleet could be named Pennsylvania. This caused a brief confusion in my initial search because this postcard is from 1910 and the more famous USS Pennsylvania wasn’t launched until 1915.


To Kiss a Miss – Sep. 5, 1911

To Kiss a Miss 1

A postcard sent to Miss Ivah WIlliams from Brushcreek California. It took a little guess work to decipher the rubber stamp marking, but it turns out that Brushcreek is near Oroville, California and had a post office from 1856 to 1916. Given the postcard he chose to send her, I wonder if there was a spark between them. Seems a little too flirty to send to just a friend. Message below. Read more